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Looking for H sticker for RSX steering wheel

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I’ve seen older threads that lead to dead links. Anyone have a spare H sticker for the RSX steering wheel? Or a legit link? Please help (there Dc5 steering wheel/ airbag is out of my budget right now).
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Welcome to the forum, did you look for it on ebay ?
Thank you!

I did, unfortunately, with no success :/
I recommend this one. Had it on my previous rsx.

Looks good! Thank you

Still, it would be much appreciated if anyone else has information on the H decal
The H would look off due the shape of the Acura emblem. I have seen them on the acura air bag but it does not look right in my opinion. Might i recommend searching a junkyard for a wrecked EP3 and take the airbag off of that.
Thank you
i live SoCal, the junkyards out here are raped daily, even by the employees :cautious:
1 - 5 of 9 Posts