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Ok. So I've been having issues for a while now. I have an 05 type S. Bought the car a little over a year ago at 65k miles. I've put about 50k on it since then (I do a lot of driving). Only mod on car is CC 8lb flywheel and stage 1.5 clutch. Only did that cause old clutch started to die on me. The problem started with the typical symptoms of a dirty IACV. Idle dip when put in neutral and such. Worse with more engine load such as A/C. When it got worse and started to stall pretty often I took off TB and cleaned the IACV. It seemed to fix the problem for about 1 day. I should also mention that I get misfire codes. Started with cyl 1. Then I started getting code for cyl 3 and random/multiple misfire. I did occasionally get fuel too rich code. Once and only once did I get air intake vacuum leak code (but I think it was a fluke, as it didn't come back. Maybe when I recleaned IACV a second time to be sure and put it back the leak settled in/reseated better). I switched coil packs and didn't change. Spark plugs should be fine as I put in NGK iridiums at about 75k miles. Before looking into fuel system I decided it was time for a comp test. Much to my dissapointment this seems to have found the issue. First test results are as follows....
Cyl 1: 75psi
Cyl 2: 68psi
Cyl 3: 68psi
Cyl 4: 160psi.
Ugh....not a good sign. I then added a little oil to the cylinders and did another test. This time
Cyl 1: 110psi
Cyl 2: 118psi
Cyl 3: 107psi
Cyl 4: 280psi
So it seems as if I have bad/worn/broken/stuck rings. This makes sense as the car has never had the MPG that it should and has always seemed to burn a shitload of oil (I know they are notorious for it but still...) I understand the implications of this, and obviously I am not looking forward to a rebuild. My question to those who may have more experience then me is, what do you think the chances of the rings just being gunked with carbon and "stuck" and possibly solving or helping the issue by soaking them for say a week with marvel mystery oil, turning over engine, repeating, then turn over to remove Marvel (possibly run something thinner like WD-40 to push marvel down into oil), then change oil and hope for a miracle. Does this sound like something worth trying, or any other suggestions? Or is there really no way to avoid a rebuild with those kind of numbers? My only other concern after I did the compression test and put back together I ran the car for a bit to burn off the oil in the cylinders from the wet test. Obviously there was a lot of smoke for a little while, but afterwards I had a paranoid thought. Is it possible to have too much compression in the one good cylinder (#4) from having a splash of oil in cylinder? Is it possible to hydrolock or bend a rod or valve with oil? Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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