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For the longest time, I drove this 2004 Hyundai Accent Base 1.6l 5spd. Don't hate. About a month ago, someone I work with said "buy my brothers Civic" and I was expecting some kind of over modded 90s hatchback. When I got the pics, I knew I needed this car. Here's what I got:

2002 Honda Civic Si EP3
-k20z3 swapped from 2008 Si
-Rebuilt 6spd w/ LSD in 02 housing
(80k miles... Motor/trans purchased in 2008 from a 2008 Civic with 1k miles)
-D2 Coilovers
-Konig wheels (can't remember which model, they say "Monoblock" on them"
-3" Stainless catback exhaust
-Exedy Stage 1 clutch w/ light flywheel
-I know the ECU is JDM (believe it's non-kpro DC5 PRC) which worries me as I need to pass emissions
-New(ish) tires and new breaks all around
-Completely rust free underbody and I'm not joking when I say I went on a hunt for underbody rust to find none

Has a few minor issues:
-Paint on roof is faded and has a few small surface rust spots by windshield
-Bad front passenger wheel bearing
-A handful of door/qtr panel dents

It's a diamond in the rough and I got it for $4300 which I think is a good deal. I love the feeling of having a car you don't see everyday. Also love the "Inca/Euro Yellow Pearl" color. Before anyone asks: Yes, I have paperwork for the purchase of the motor/trans, and receipts from the Honda Modding/Tuning shop for the swap and clutch work.

What do you think? Good buy?

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