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All these are from Lucasi cue's custom line. They all have Irish linen and come with the quick release uni-loc joints. For anyone that doesnt know about Lucasi, they are for mid-ranged to advanced players, if you are new then you dont really need to be playing with these high end cues.

I got these when my pool store closed down and I have been using a couple of them but i have not listed the ones I'm keeping, Everything listed is brand new and ready to be shipped. Prices are shipped to anywhere in the U.S. ONLY! some prices are negotiable but be reasonable.

If you are interested please respond through PM or E-Mail [email protected]

List Price: $269.99
220 shipped

List Price: $319.99
260 shipped

List Price: $379.99
300 shipped

List Price: $329.99
260 shipped

List Price: $459.99
350 shipped

List Price: $289.99
220 shipped
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