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Good evening fellow members,

I am parting out my car because I am getting rid of the car soon and moving on to something better. I will pay for shipping for these 2 items. If there are any questions, feel free to pm me or email me @ [email protected] or text me at 832 455 6688 to get quicker response. Thank you for looking.

Manual Boost Controller - $50

550cc Fuel Injectors and will need to purchase connector clips to replace the oem connectors. These injectors are off an evo and fits perfect on the rsx with the connector clips you need to buy off eBay. If you want decent power and not too much, these will do. I ran 420 hp and 2 hundred somethin tq with these and it was daily. My tuner was huy @ inline racing @ houston, texas. - $190

Heres my name for proof of the injectors and boost controller
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