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I have already seen the post at . . .

Technical Information Immobilizer Re-key

But I still have a TWO quick questions . . .

I have to take the car to the dealership tomorrow morning to get my keys to work with the KPRO'ed ECU.

I swapped from an Auto to a Manual Transmission.

The VIN from the ECU ( and transmission ) is not the same as the original VIN of the car .

Q1) - To match my original keys ( from an Auto ) to the ECU ( which is a Manual ), will the dealership need the VIN of the ECU or would it be from the VIN of the car ?

Q2) - Is there any reason that they would need to mess with K-Manager ( aside from RE-enabling the Immobilizer ) at all ?
Or would they ONLY need to connect to the OBD2 port ?

Sorry to send the email this at this time.

But was hoping to get a reply before going to dealership tomorrow ( Saturday ) at 8 AM ( EST ) .

Please reply even if later .

Thanks in advance.

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Just heard that the Dealership would need to match the ECU to the car.


So my two questions are . . .

1 ) - So the instructions on the PDF at . . .

Are these instructions merely for matching the ECU to the car's VIN, using the Dealership's software ?
Is my understanding correct ?


2) - And then after matching the ECU to the car's VIN would the Dealership THEN need to match my ORIGINAL keys to the ECU ?

NOTE : My keys are ORIGINAL and should already match the car's VIN.

So is it just a matter of the Dealership matching the ECU to the car,
and then that's all they have to do ?

After just matching the ECU to the car's VIN will everything communicate to secure the car ?

Just asking so that the Dealership does not try to charge me extra for " matching my original " keys if they do not have to .


Thanks in advance.

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Want to give complete credit to those that assisted us with their detailed support / advice :

Hybrid Racing - ( William )
Burton Racing - ( Robert )
HA Motor Sports - ( Matt )
Evolved Tuning - ( Matt )
Hondata - ( Kevin )

Thank you so much .


STEP 1 ) -

Went to dealership with the Immobilizer DIS-abled in KPRO.

Turned the ignition key to the "on" position just to get power ( no need to start motor ).

In KPRO go to " Calibration storage " - - > "Retrieve calibration" - - > This will bring up the tune where our A/F ratio was adjusted by the Tuner.

STEP 2) -

We downloaded a backup copy of the calibration file to our personal computer. Just went to " Save File " and downloaded the Calibration to our computer.

STEP 3) -

- - > Went to the " Misc. " tab and just click " Enable Immobilizer ", on the EXISTING tune.

- - > CIicked " Control + U " on our keyboard to " upload " the edited calbration to the ECU .

- - > Doing this will ADD the "Immobilizer Enabled" function to the EXISTING basemap that our other Tuner did.

- - > Turned off car then tried to turn on again to see if it will NOT start.

That's it, as far as enabling the immobilizer through KPRO.

STEP 4 ) -

The Dealership matched the "Manual Swapped" ECU to the car's VIN.

They used the instructions at . . .

NO more blinking immobilizer light.

Took about 30 minutes.

They charged $108.



Since the keys and immobilizer were already original to the car's VIN, we did not need to do anything more.

Also, had something gone wrong we would have "Uploaded" the backup copy of the 1ST tune version ( that had the Immobilizer DIS-abled ) via KPRO.
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