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Which is better in the morning?

Max and Sam fail at making new NorCal threads *CHAT**WW*

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om nom nom nom
in for jailbait
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LMFAO :rotfl:
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anyone who doesn't know that it's nsfw deserves to get caught
my iphone is pissing me off... any ideas on what colors to use to make the text more visible??

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negative, i like my wallpaper :thumbsdow
dude 2.0 firmware is awesome!!!
is your working with a jailbreak?
i need to get me iphone soon lol
:iamwiths: you need to get with it mang
good, now you gotta help me talk mel into joining the iphone crew....
get me out of my contract and I'd be happy to get one! haha
lmao, can't get you that other thing if I'm buying out your cell phone contracts :p
i screamed in fear when cory almost drop his iphone that one night.

that was hella funny after the fact.

i didnt mean to do it!!!!! :noes:
:squinty: check neg ;)
can't believe it, i'm actually gonna go to bed BEFORE 12 tonight :w00t: have a good night everyone :wavey:
What other thing? hehe
lmfao, that one thing we were joking about at Westfield :rotfl:
alright i'm out for real... night everyone :sleep:
wtf when did u come out here?
never, Westfield in SC
morning everyone :wavey:
morning yall, is mel still a mod because see that her user name is green again.
she still comes up on the moderator list...

It's probably just her yellow fever acting up, since yellow mixed with blue = green :dontknow:
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