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This is an old question and I couldn't find a solid answer.

I'm going to build the K20a3 to about 175whp, 7,700 redline, don't care about top end hp, more interested in streetable mid range acceleration and dependability. This will give me 1 whp/12.85 lbs. with car at 2250 lbs. and have considerably more torque/hp than a stock K20a2 up to over 7,000 rpm.

I was going to go with an R header and Megan mid pipe but 2.25" id is probably too big. The oem S and Type R mid pipes are 2.1" and they are designed to handle the same whp that I want.

Any pro/con comments that carry some weight? Thanks.

(not interested in changing motors or going forced, etc)

edit; I've found several R headers that are without the two pipes that contain the flex portion and cat. I imagine that piece is more valuable than the header? Should I hold out for the entire package or what?
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