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Hey, fellow CRSX members.
I am selling this MS Surface Book unit: Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage, Nvidia dedicated graphics card, Windows 10 Pro OS.
Standard MS Warranty is transferable and is registered to the device itself.
It is practically brand new. I turned it on, installed the updates, tested basic functions, and put it back in the box. Has no blemishes and no signs of usage whatsoever. It comes complete in its original box as sold at the MS store.

I would gladly keep it for school, but I only have three quarters to go and there is something else I would rather own. The Surface Book is perfect for school or corporate or artist work and it looks and feels amazing. The new pen is great and feels very natural when writing on the screen.

I've had it posted on local Craigslist and had many offers of over $2k, but not meeting my bottom line of $2275.
Just trying to see if I can get my asking price here: $2275 + shipping + paypal fees (no fees if sent as a gift).

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