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Hey guys, Though i'd share my minivan ;)

I've owned my CTR for nearly a year, i've gone through loads of different things, different tyre sizes and i've always wanted to keep the car functional whilst being wide and low as well..

I've currently got ET25 17x8.5s with a 215 45 tyre and have no rubbing round the track :D I now want to try a 245/40 up front :D

This is compiled from my year long project thread on CTR forum found here.. -

Mods, pictures and Geometry below :D Let me know what you think good or bad :mbiggrin:

Just organised my first page, thought i'd post it here too, new piccy on the end :D I'm a pic whore!

ES Engine mount inserts
Powerflex Gearbox mount
DC heat wrapped manifold
2.5" silenced B pipe
Spoon N1 backbox
Mugen Rocker Cover
RBC inlet manifold (powdercoated)
Hondata cold air gasket
Rota grid "drift" 17x8.5 ET30 - 215/45/17 contact 3s
BC racing coilovers - Pillow ball mounts - 8k/g Rear 6k/g Front
Buddyclub roll center adjusters
D2 Camber arms
Beaks Tie Bar
Carbon fibre roof vinyl
Carbon door inserts and dash centre
Mugen front splitter
Mugen Replica Carbon Spoiler
Recaro black alcanta seats
DC5 rails
JDM headlights
Quaife LSD
Shortened Steering arms
Steering arm raiser
Tinted facelift rear lenses
Bremtech grooved front discs
Do Luck Braided lines
AP racing 5.1 Fluid
Ferado DS3000 Pads

Geometry Setup

Front - 2.5 Camber -1.5mm toe 1.2 Degree Positve Caster
Rear - 2.0 Camber 0 Neutral toe

Thought i'd organise this a bit more now :thumbup:

Page 1 - BC coilovers and Spoon N1 backbox

Page 3 - Rota Slipstreams fitted, Painted Calipers, K-pro fitted

Page 4 - Geometry Discussion, Rotary polished

Page 5 - New Brake discs, painted grill and Painted headlight inserts

Page 6 - Headlight tint discussion and Track time at Castle Combe

Page 7 - Trax Picture or two

Page 7 - geometry change, Tyre Experiments, Mugen Front Lip

Page 8 - Tyre discussions

Page 9 - Quaife LSD and Polybushed lower arms

Page 10 - Buddyclub seat, RBC inlet manifold, wheel stickers

Page 11 - Wheel discussion

Page 12 - Black Alcantara EVO Recaro's, EVO 8 Enkei picked up, Buddyclub bonnet test, Skunk 2 gearknob

Page 13 - Sold most parts, then realised i wanted to keep the car DOH!

Page 15 - Rocker cover, Engine tidy up begins

Page 17 - Tyres, Tyres, Tyres.

Page 19 - KiddRacing Manifold

Page 20 - Carbon Spoiler fitted, Evo 8 Enkei's fitted with 225/45/17 Tyres, Facelift tinted lenses

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Page 21 - Got camber?

Page 22 - New handling setup

Page 23 - Enkei Wheel stickers

Page 24 - ARC Winglets, J's C pillar brace, Beaks tie bar

Page 26 - Castle combe and Curbrough Sprint track

Page 27 - Rotaryed again

Page 28 - New wheels test fit

Page 29 - Front end picture

Page 30 - Wheels on, GEO and Height adjusted, arches rolled, No rubbing :D

Page 31 - Mugen Sunstrip decal

Page 32 - Home made front diffuser(Now re-done)

Page 34 - Steering arm bracket fitted, shorter steering arms = More camber :D


Olivia Munn :love:
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i think it looked better with silver wheels...
white would look sick :thumbsup:

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love the color.

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what did you use for the home made diffuser? car looks great
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