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from mild to "hot"

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Current Mod List
Bride Vios
J's Racing blue titanium shift knob
Mugen pedals
Sparco shoulder pad
JDM shift boot
JDM door panel
JDM floor mat
Nardi 330mm deep corn suede steering wheel
Momo hub
T1R PCD adapter
Pioneer deck
JL 10" sub x2 with trunk subbox and associated amp and capacitor

Mugen bumper
Mugen wing
JDM HID headlights
JDM front honda emblem
JDM rear honda emblem
JDM integra emblem
ITR side skirts
Aspec rear lip
XenonStorm 7000k HID
Nokian yellow bulb
J's Racing Blue LED daylight
Weathertech window visor
Old front setup:
Roja front lip
JDM brake duct
Carbon carnards

Ingen cold air intake
HKS Hi-Power JDMversion exhaust
T1R crank pulley
Ingalls front camber bolts
Ingalls chrome rear camber arm
Progress 24mm rear sway + tie bar
Hotchkis endlinks
Koni Yellow shocks
Tein S-Tech springs
Mugen front strut
Mugen gold oil cap
Mugen rad cap
Mugen resevoir cover
Cusco rear strut
EP3 spark plug cover
T1R resevoir cover
Hawk HP+ brake pad
Motul DOT 5.1
Motul 300v 15w50

Volk White TE37 17x8.5 +30
T1R purple lug nut set
Eagle F1 215/45/17
Toyo trampion 215/45/17
Toyo RA1 225/50/16
Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 225/50/16

Got my first car, rsx back in mid May
Bone stock when i got it

Couldnt help modding it just for a better look with a bit of my own touch....working on a low budget grabbing used parts from other members.
No GO mods yet
skunk2 shift knob
sparco pedal/pad
jdm red door insert

roja front lip
jdm headlight w/ hid
jdm emblems
itr side skirts
aspec high wing

koni yellow shocks
tein S-tech springs

I only have a short list before I am done my project
cai is on it's way this week
plans for fall/winter -> itr rear lip, greddy evo2 exhaust
plans for next season -> rims
thinking of swaping the itr sides for 05 stock

Aiming for just the clean look, lemme know what u all think

+rep if u dont hate my car! ^o^


spirited driver
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take off the RSX lol there aint no honda rsx foo!

car looks good though love the roja front lip

edit: and very nice trunk audio setup. ive always wanted something clean like that +rep

I Don't Even
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audio setup is real clean. i'd like to have something like that, but just one sub though:thumbsup:

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lookin good :thumbsup: what model jl's are those? i had 2 12'' JL w3's in my car but they blew so now I'm with Kicker L7's. they pound good too if you're ever looking into new subs, but +rep for a sick setup
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