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I finally have the time to put together a new showoff thread. Long time forum member, some of your recognize the car, others do not, so let me reintroduce myself:

My name is Zach. I was born and raised in the Midwest, specifically Michigan. My RSX was driven off the dealership parking lot November of 2005 and it's been in my hands ever since. Being from Michigan, it's cold and snowy for a good chunk out of the year, so most winters the car rots and collects dust in the garage, either whole or torn apart, until spring rolls around.

My build began when my friend sent me a picture, and over the years I've pieced together through the help of family, friends, and my own perseverance to transform the car into what it is today. The picture:

Currently, the car is sitting disassembled, awaiting a new heart transplant and some other bits of refreshing. But, the following pictures are a result of my most recent photoshoot, shot by my good friend, you can see more of his work at

K24A2 Bottom End
K20Z1 Head
Short Turn Port Work
3 Angle Valve Job
Supertech Dual Valve Springs
Supertech Valves
Drag Cartel 2.2 Endurance Camshafts
HPT Lower Timing Chain Guide
K20A2 Oil Pump
Mugen Baffled Oil Pan
Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Plug
Innovative 75A Steel Motor Mounts
SHG Oil Dipstick Retainer
RDX Injectors
RBC Intake Manifold
Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
P2R Throttle Body Gasket
Mugen Airbox
Spaz Shorty Throttle Cable
PLM Exhaust Manifold
BTek Fabrication 3" Exhaust
Hondata KPro V4
Tuned On 93 Pump By DRob At IMW

Integra Type-R Y2M3 Gearset - REM Polished
MFactory 1.0 Metal Plate LSD
4.764 Final Drive
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
Exedy 8.9 Pound Flywheel
P2R Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Plug
MTec Industries Race Spring Shift Kit
MTec Industries Shifter Kit
Integra Type-R Axles

Tein Mono Sport Coilovers
SPC Camber Bolts
J's Racing Steering Bracket Slider Bushing
Todd's Extended Tie Rods
Integra Type-R Knuckles and Hubs
Integra Type-R Aluminum Lower Control Arms
PCI Spherical Offset Compliance Bushings
Intergra Type-R 25mm Front Sway Bar
J's Racing Roll Center Adjusters
Hardrace Spherical Camber Arms
Hotchkis 27mm Rear Sway Bar
Hotchkis Adjustable Endlinks
Mugen Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars
Integra Type-R Rear Shock Tie Bar
Spoon Sports Rigid Collar Kit

Integra Type-R Brembo Rotors
Integra Type-R Brembo Calipers
Integra Type-R Rear Calipers
Integra Type-R Brake Ducts
Stoptech Street Pads
Carbotech Race Pads
ClubRSX Black Stainless Steel Brake Lines

17x9 Bronze Volk CE28N
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11
Black Rays Short Closed Lug Nuts

Integra Type-R Front and Rear Bumper Supports
Integra Type-R Sideskirts
Integra Type-R Rear Spoiler
05-06 Integra Clear Sidemarkers

Recaro Pole Position NG Bucket Seats
Bride Seat Rails
Autopower 4-Point Rollbar
RJS Racing 5-Point Harnesses
Complete Sound Deadening Removal
Interga Type-R Gauge Cluster
Integra Type-R Momo Steering Wheel
Integra Type-R Center Console
Integra Type-R E-Brake Handle
Integra Type-R Titanium Shift Knob
Strut King Pedals

Onto the pictures:

And one track picture at Mid-Ohio...when she was in her prime. Just hasn't ran the same since.

P.S. I hope you're happy Dan Nguyen :laughing:

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nice build
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