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Modification ideas on 04’ base

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So I’ve had my 04’ base model Rsx for a while now and I wanted to start modifying it to my liking. I thought about getting coil-overs and slamming it but I’ve also wondered about getting my exhaust done. What are some ideas to pipe up the sound of my car but not make it super loud and annoying?
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I have had an '06 RSX Base as a daily for 4 years. Love it.
Just bought an '06 RSX Type S that has a lot of mods. KSport coilovers lowered to 1.0" gap, firmer suspension bushings, stiffer engine mounts, headers & muffler looking SS glasspack? Its a totally different car. Yes it handles like a race car and runs great which is fun on the twisty roads but the vibration, road noise, and exhaust drone on the highway make it so uncomfortable my wife will not ride in it. You feel every bump and even medium bumps cause the front wheels to leave the ground (Ksport springs seem too stiff for this car unless you plan to autocross) . Despite being uncomfortable, it is race car stable at any speed, especially high speed. So if you never plan to take highway trips and have some good twisty roads you like to play on, then go for the mods (keep in mind with headers you will likely need a retune which means buying a KPro ECU and paying a tuner). It gets pricey $$$$.
My advice - put a great stereo in it, some better wheels and tires, even a second set of wheels with winter tires if you drive in winter areas. (that's the best thing I ever did to my base - its like a sticky rally car in wet and snow).
My base came with a great stereo (parts below). Its like a concert hall and makes driving it SO enjoyable.
I plan to put the same system in the type S but not before some serious sound insulation work and a better muffler.
This is what is in my BASE and I love it, about $1500 today's prices. Amp mounted to back of drivers side rear seat.
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Sorry it didn't let me insert my stereo parts copied from spreadsheet. with hyperlinks.

Stereo Upgrade 3/15/23
Kicker amp Kicker CXA600.5 600 Watt RMS 5-Channel Car Amplifier
Front - Polk Audio 6 1/2 Slim mount AMAZON
REAR - Polk Audio 6 1/2 Slim mount AMAZON
2 1.5" tweeters dash ?
10" Sub Box Q Logic Q Custom 2002-2006 Acura RSX Single 10" Sub Box
10" Sub JBL CLUB 1024
Wiring kit Amp Wiring Kit
Soundproof Siless 80 mil (2mm) 36 sqft Car Sound Deadening ma
Head unit Kenwood KMM-X705 Excelon
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