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Motor Mount Question

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Which motor mount is more likely to go bad first?

When in low rpms (2000-2500) if I press the gas I'm hearing a very loud noticeable "thunk" from the driver side part of the engine. Which I'm assuming is the driver side mount, but I could be wrong and it could be the front mount. I've also heard that the driver side mount is the mount that goes bad first/more likely in rsx's

Feedback? Answers?
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it always seems that the front mount is the first to go..

you can easier check the passenger mount - its right by the power steering pump - the mount is liquid filled.. if its busted you should easily see black stuff everywhere.

the front and rear mount - you have to get under the car to check. you may as well check both while you are under there.

the tranny mount is underneath the air box. but i have not normally heard of this mount failing.
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