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Motor mounts or inserts?

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So I'm pretty much on the verge of putting a header on my car. I know I need to have motor mounts, but can I just put inserts in the mean while? They're way cheaper then mounts and I'll only have them on for about a month or two at most while I get the mounts. Good idea or bad? Any particular brand in mind for insert?

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Just save for the motor mounts if it's going to be a few months. If you want the inserts get the Energy Suspension.
Get the mounts and use the inserts on those too. You'll need the inserts for the header.
But I can't use the inserts on the mounts that need to be replaced. You're saying use the inserts on the other two mounts and replace the broken mounts with the oem mounts? That won't mess my header up?

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Yes exactly.
I had the inserts and I think it's worth the money if you're going to make make more hp and have a race header. The vibrations are noticeable and it's worse with the AC on. If you daily drive your car and it's mostly stock, I would tell people to stick with new stock mount or get the Mugen ones.
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