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Motor mounts or inserts?

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So I'm pretty much on the verge of putting a header on my car. I know I need to have motor mounts, but can I just put inserts in the mean while? They're way cheaper then mounts and I'll only have them on for about a month or two at most while I get the mounts. Good idea or bad? Any particular brand in mind for insert?

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Well I got the inserts already being shipped out to me.. but to day I checked my car (should've done it before) and noticed 2 mounts broken :/ .... so I'm guessing just get some actual motor mounts now right? Or just replace them with oem and put the inserts?
Will have to put buying my RH on hold for now I guess

Btw so the motor mounts that I buy off kseries come with transmission mounts or are they a separate buy. Cause I heard my friend talking about a transmission mount. Sorry if it's a dumb question I'm new to this lol.

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you gotta buy it separate. Usually the kits come with driver, passenger, and rear mounts.
I would personally just buy brand new motor mounts for peace of mind, but that price isnt too bad. Although essm has treated me well for 40k+ miles i would probably go motor mounts if i were to do it again.
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