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Finally.. Import Tuner Jan 2011 Feature.. Keep a LOOK out for it... Sooo Excited right now lol

7/12: Blox Open House Pictures.
Update: 4/26: Teaser of new setup(almost complete)
Update 4/16: New Wheels.. OHH WHAT?!?!
3/18: Super Awesome accident
3/12: Stage1 of exterior transformation
New Exterior Shots
Update 2/23: Wing and Exhaust
UPdate 2/14


Removing Some Int
Brakeline Fitings and Brakeline removal/
Sound Deading Remova/Prepin Bayl/
More Prepin Int/Bay.. Shaving Studs off bay
Finish Int/bay prep
Filling in some holes in bay
Int/Bay Painted
Brakelines and Headlight/Int Harness mocked up
Int Installed and Some New Parts Arrived
Got the Chrome Parts
Some Banzai Photos / Motor Installed
Wind Spliter and Remote Terminals mocked up / CF piece Install on Dash
Car on Budget Truck Headed to Cali
Nitrous Lines Installed

Heres the Plan..
Full Wire tuck(engine harness, Headlight harness, and Int harness; Depinned all srs, abs, ac,ps, reloomed and tucked)
PS/AC/ABS removal (reroute breaklines aswell)
Chrome Dip VC/rbc mani/ misc brackets
Billet Motor Mounts
Polished BDL fuel rail (steal braided lines)
Relocate Battery
Respray Bay

Remove All sound deading in Int
Respray entire int
Black interior

Tear Down... Same day i got my new wheels :(


Starting the tear down:

Dropping The Motor:


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Please give us a hint of WTF is about to go on...
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dam 3 weeks good turn around for a build! cant wait to see the after. i loved ur old setup!
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