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Well guys it's my first post, so don't bash me to much lol. Originally I was looking at the Mtec race springs and ran into Mtec's "shift kit." After looking at my 100k mile OEM shifter and the problems with it, I decided to buy the full kit. FYI this kit is not cheap (I got it on Amazon for $125).

What comes in the kit:
-Race select springs (duh馃檭)
-Pivot bushing
-Aluminum retainer for the shifter box
-Two aluminum shifter ball halves
-Two metal pins

For those couple of things it's around triple the cost of what the normal kit is, so bang for buck might not be as good. This doesn't matter to me as the stock shift ball has a cracked and has much more play in the shifter, because of it. For me it's a perfect fit for what I'm looking for.

I will put this kit in asap and let you guys know what I think.

Thanks for reading thus far. Here's some pics.

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I too bought the race ones, but I hated them.
with the stock shifter height, it was way too stiff for my liking, i felt like i had to jamb it into each gear.
i can see how this would feel better for someone with a shifter extender, you have have stock shifter leverage feel but with the benefit of the shift knob closer to your steering wheel.

i eventually took mine out, and replaced them with brand new oem springs.
much better for my set up

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Alright, so it's been a while, but nonetheless I got everything in one go. It took a good 2-3 hours, but that was me being extra cautious too. The springs definitely made a difference for the better. Honestly not really as stiff as I thought they would be, but enough to help the normal shifting.
The shift box was quite a bit stiffer after the aluminum parts were in. The play in the shifter is gone and only shows other parts that do have a tiny bit of remaining play... this bit of play if plenty fine with me. Shifts feel a tad faster, more precise, and I can feel the vibes from the tranny a little more now. Definitely a great upgrade! Worth the $125? Well for me it's a nice little upgrade, but it wasn't anything too altering. So I would say given so many of my parts in the oem shifter were worn, Yes it was worth it. Of course take this with some context. It is not anything like a hybrid, ktuned shifter, etc, but for what it is (springs, bushings, and other little parts) it does an adequate job. Any questions just reply to me! Thanks.
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