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Mugen CF Ignition Coil Cover!

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I checked out site out today and found this
But, as we all know Mugen parts are very $$$. $350 for this piece. Another option is Vision.
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i got the vision ITR carbon fiber spark plug cover for both my tsx and rsx, they were only 95 bones
I'd buy it and then wipe my ass with it in front of a mugen whore.
WOW!!!! Are they nuts!!!!! your telling me the license plate cover on the bumper is cheaper than this and in top of that the plate cover is bigger than this. I would expect that ignition cover plate would just cost $150 or less!! Man!!! Mugen, what are you guys thinking about!!! I wonder if King design this themselves, why would Mugen make a cover plate, when they could just make a newer valve cover for us, like the B16's?? That's wierd? :thumbsup:
They charge $829 for a valve cover. Everything is expensive. If no one wants to pay it, then that is fine by me.

It is easier to stand out among sheep that way.
A friend of mine actually bought this for his EP3R. Totally crazy but he is a 101% Mugen whore. :)
I'm as big a Mugen fan as anybody, but that's a little crazy at $350. I'll just add another $1650 and get the new Mugen header/cat combo. :)
what is this vision cover you people speak of? does it look nice?
it looks ok. it's carbon fiber weave. I have a spoon one which looks pretty good. it has a Kevlar weave.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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