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I bought my RSX February 07 with 48k on it.
I’m 36 and married with 2 kids.
I love the DC5 and having lots of fun moding it.

05-06 Type S Cams
RBC shaved and polished
Hondata KPro
Hondata IMG
IAC block off
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM CAI Polished
Innovative 75A MM (All 4)

A-Spec Wing
A-Spec Sides
ITR Side Markers
ITR Tail Lights (actualy had to drill for the side marker)
Replica Type R Front and Rear Lips
DIY Headlights
Red out tails (red spray paint “Metal cast”)
35% Tint all the way around.
35 Watt Hid 6k low beams
50 Watt Hid Digital 3k in fogs

Wheels are generic that I had my friend paint with the lip kit.
Neuspeed Springs

Summer of 07

Summer of 08


Special K
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My friends SSM 05 Type S with My 03 Type S

My friends 05 Type S

My Winter Plans:
This is what I hope my engine bay will look like
Peeeeeek Boooost

The entire car is being repainted same color.
Engine bay smoothed and tucked
Hopefully a 05-06 conversion with Mugen front and rear.
I like the A-Spec sides so I’m going to stay with them.
18” Work Emotion CR Bronze or something close.

My first project was a 99 Civic HB CX
This was 2002 Toronto IRev show took 2nd street and 3rd in JDM
Had a B18C1 swap with a Jackson SC.


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good luck with the winter plans :D

your car is siiiiiick

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