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Got a video of my HKS exhaust

EDit # 6 End of summer, beginning of school. New body work, and got a puppy :)

EDIT # 5 2008 beginning of summer pics w/ minor mods. Pics on page 2 post #36

EDIT #4 Newest pics of my car.

EDIT #3: Photoshoot with my friends. Pics on post # 30

EDIT #2: Some new mods and my baby after a bath. Pics on post #23

EDIT: Mini photoshoot with some friends (red prelude, pearl white is250, silver dc2) on post # 19

Current Mods:
-Injen CAI
-8000K HID
-full alpine sound system(deck,amp, sub,speakers)
-50% all around but got busted for the fronts so i had to remove them :(
-HKS Hipower catback exhaust
-JDM Headlights
-Buddyclub N+ coilovers
-Mugen front strut bar
-BuddyClub shortshifter , JDM type-R knob and boot
-OBX race Header
-Exedy racing clutch w/ 10lb flywheel
-innovative mounts
-mugen sides/rear , type-R front/ spoiler
-DIY rims

Future Mods:




Thanks for looking

I hate my car.
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BC represent! Clean car man, now black those headlights out :)
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