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My 04 SSM....after the wash before the rain...

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My 04 rolling shot 8.28 more to come

engine cleanup + rbc install
changed from neuspeed springs to bc N+

new shot from Josh, more on page 3.

jdm dreams meet 10/14
current car, shots from turtle and company once again....

another shot from turtle.

night shots after HIN with my girl

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nice pics..where at in FL are you?
save an rsx. ride the model. :thumbsup:
looks good...
car looks good, more gf pics :giggitygiggity:
:iamwiths: :giggitygiggity:
lol @ leghumpers :laughing:
Holy rear camber! Get that shit fixed before you have to get new tires. Other then that, car looks great!
gf :thumbsup:

car :thumbsup:
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haha....more pics?? hmm....

camber kit is here as well as headers esmm and stuff. just no time to install. good thing the tires have 500 miles on them, they're new.
Nice pictures. Cute girl.
nice car what are you dropped on?? and BTW more GF pics
1 - 20 of 95 Posts
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