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my base 2006 rsx black on black

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my pics not a great camera
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good combo...
needs to be lowered, but other than that it looks pretty clean
man your base is hella clean!
thanks i want to lower it and put side ground effects on it

I would also taken off the front mudflaps if havent already. Lookin clean.
Base powa :thumbsup:

Looks good.....just need a drop ;)
black on black with polished lip looks good
what kinda lowering springs good?
eibach sportline. just got mine in the mail.cant wait to put them on
black on black..sweet!:thumbsup: yea.. definitely lower your suv haha jk
needs a drop and some tire shine. then it will look hot!
i like the rims
Monstah trukin'! Just needs a drop, and you're set.
you should give me your tranny haha :) *kicks dirt "damn auto"*
just removed the mud flaps drop probaly next
if i can find the cash
yep. if you lowered it, the car will look hella hot.
Base power
i like the black on black theme you have you already know just get a drop.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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