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my car stinks

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While my car was hibernating in the garage, a little mouse decided to make its home in my air vents. My dad confirmed this when he found a big pile of dog food in the filter that the mouse was storing.

So all winter long, the mouse did what mice do. It ate and it pooped. And now my car smells TERRIBLE. Even when I don't turn on the air, it's just awful. I can kind of put up with the smell, but it's soooo bad I won't let any of my friends ride in my car for their sake.

Anyone have an idea of how to clean out the air ducts without bringing the car to Acura or a mechanic (big bucks) or ripping things apart? I don't like having an embarassingly smelly car.
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damn that stinks...but kinda funny
Dragon Kisses said:
While my car was hibernating in the garage
Yes, it's hilarious. I'm glad I made you laugh. But can anyone offer HELP?
I would get it professionally cleaned then if it is still bad purchase an air ionizer. These devices will get rid of that odor.
Is the dog food and all the shit still in the air vents? You may turn on your AC at full and spray Lysol in the air intake vents (you should see the vents outside near the bottom of the windshield). Spray Lysol for a minute or two and let the AC run for a few minutes. I know this process kills mildews in the condenser but I'm not sure if it will help in your situation.
Im sorry, but that is just too funny. I think you would have to have that professionaly cleaned.
That's funny... I'd get it professionally cleaned too. There might be some dog food or dead mouse babies in there somewhere. Lysol won't get rid of that.

Usually they climb into the air intake box, so spraying down the hvac system won't do much.
Thanks for your suggestions, hope they work. :)
damn that sucks.

dburke2001 said:
I would get it professionally cleaned then if it is still bad purchase an air ionizer. These devices will get rid of that odor.
:iamwiths: you can also call your local dealership and ask them who does there vehicles
Shit, I'm taking my car out of storage tomorrow...I hope this does not happen to me as well!
1. get your car running
2. put the heat on full blast
3. slice lemons and put them next to the feet heaters and air vents
4. let it sit for a while and it will be lemmonny fresh
Thanks all. I ended up buying some liquid odor eliminator and used a funnel to pour some down the vents. It's getting better little by little, just needs some time to air out.
In addition to the advice that was given, you should probably still change your
Air Filter/Dust and Pollen Filter.

Good luck!
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