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Whats up CRSX, im new here so I figured I'd post some pics of my car and its mods up here. Soooo here goes :thumbsup:

1993 Honda Civic DX Hatch
K20a (Type R)
RBC intake manifold
Batlground EG K swap header
APC GSR 3" cold air intake
Drive Shaft Shop 2.9 (475hp) axles
Hasport motor mounts
Hybrid-Racing PnP harness
Buddy Club shifter box
Karcepts shifter box kit
Karcepts throttle body adaptor
Nitrous Express wet nitrous
Competition Clutch(Stage 4) 6 puck
Hondata intake manifold
Hondata throttle body gasket
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Edelbrook inline fuel filter
Custom -6AN steel braided fuel lines
Golden Eagle fuel rail
Custom 3" exhaust
Vibrant 3" muffler

SI Rims
GSR front and back disk brake coversion
Powerslot big brakes
Vision amber corners
JDM yellow foglights
JDM amber side markers
JDM antenna blockoff
OEM civic lip
OEM civic mud guards

Apex-i N1 Pro coilovers
Blox lower control arms
Junk2 front camber kit
Front lower 4pt subframe brace
ASR rear subframe brace
ITR front strut bar
Ebay rear strut bar

00 Acura Integra Type R front and rear seats
Type R shift boot
USDM Type R steering wheel
RSX 6 speed shift knob
JDM VTi cluster
JDM climate control
JDM clock
JDM audio consol
JDM radio blockoff plate
JDM armrest
JDM foglight switch
JDM rear defrost switch

I probably forgot a couple things but thats it for the most part I think lol..

Here are a couple pics of it-

sorry all my pics are shitty camera phone pics lol

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nice ride.

Got Juice??
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any quarter mile times? and if so, what is the elevation of where you ran it at?
I havent gotten a chance to run it with the new setup and motor. I did run it when I had a K20a2 in it with an RBC manifold, DC header, 2.5" exhaust, shitty suspension, and no 2nd gear. I ran a [email protected] on street tires (spinning hard even goin 1 to 3) in Pueblo, Colorado (4,692 ft elevation). Since then Ive upgraded almost everything on the car so im shootin for high 11's and around 330hp with a 100shot.

Thanks everybody for the support!

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clean car man, liken the video of you racing the vr4 :thumbsup:

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nice hasback :uhh:
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