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My heater is not working

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I need help i live in Calgart Canada and its cold af rn I cant drive the car properly as everything is frozen and I cant see out of my windshield.

Hey guys I have an 02 base rsx recently my heater just stopped working list of things ive done
-New thermostat
-Bled cooling system properly
-Checked heater core if its clogged( both hoses are hot)
-opening heater valve doesn't do anything
- Im not too sure which motor to check
- Air mix control motor(under drivers dash)
- theres 2 other motors under the glove box im not sure what they are

i dont know what else to do I just wsant to be able to drive to school and work warm and not having to use windshield washer fluid every 2 seconds would appreciate if anyone can help me
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I forgot to mention that a/c works perfectly it blows ice cold air the problem is heat that is suppose to be hot is also blowing ice cold air
on my car it was the air mix control motor. you need to watch it, where the rod connects to the white plastic gear. while watching it, turn the dial from cold to hot (its easier if you have someone do this for you). make sure the plastic gear thing rotates smoothly.

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Ill try to test alk of then thanks
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