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looks like it's going to be wheels now that I did the whole coilover thing. I did my search and the sticky at the top of this forum also helped some. I'm looking to go with the widest wheel possible on 17" with out having to to do anything like roll my fenders, use spacers, or a camber kit. I'm kind of a fan of the whole plug and play concept, which doesn't seem to work out as much as I would like on the car.

My concern is this. On my coilovers I did a 1.25 inch drop all around, and on the sticky I found this measurement as the widest wheel listed in 17" to fit the RSX:

17X8.5: +30 offset with 215/45-17 Tire. +40 with a 235/45-17 Tire.

My question is, will this cause rubbing when I turn or any other unkown issues? If so will a camber kit or spacers help fix those issues?
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