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integra_k20a2 said:
wats up fellas. i was just bored so i just wanna tell u the things i will get done pretty soon..

03 nighthawk black pearl type s

greddy front lip ( in my room - pending install and paint)
OEM side skirts ( Already on )
Authentic ITR headlights ( Already on)
Authentic ITR rear lip ( need to buy and install )
Type R Replica wing ( in my room- pending install and paint)
***Thinking of Buying "Hayame Coilover kit" ( have tein s techs on but i wanna lower my car atleast 2 inches) (originally wanted Tein SS but i guess i can save money with Hayame)

My only problem is im so confuzed on what wheels to get, for sure 18's.?!?! i would go with volks in a split second but thats way out of budget for a 17 year old as my self only making 8$ an hour.

these are basically what will be done soon but im so confuzed on what wheels to get.

what yall think?

im 17 too but i make a lot more.... try the market out their, i bet u can find a lot better jobs

try the whole, best buy, good guys, circuit city(where i work), they usually start at 9 minimum
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