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integra_k20a2 said:
wats up fellas. i was just bored so i just wanna tell u the things i will get done pretty soon..

03 nighthawk black pearl type s

greddy front lip ( in my room - pending install and paint)
OEM side skirts ( Already on )
Authentic ITR headlights ( Already on)
Authentic ITR rear lip ( need to buy and install )
Type R Replica wing ( in my room- pending install and paint)
***Thinking of Buying "Hayame Coilover kit" ( have tein s techs on but i wanna lower my car atleast 2 inches) (originally wanted Tein SS but i guess i can save money with Hayame)

My only problem is im so confuzed on what wheels to get, for sure 18's.?!?! i would go with volks in a split second but thats way out of budget for a 17 year old as my self only making 8$ an hour.

these are basically what will be done soon but im so confuzed on what wheels to get.

what yall think?
Just out of curiosity why are you buying authentic ITR parts and then a replica JDM spoiler? just wait a little longer and save up for rims that you will enjoy.
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