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NEW PICS PAGE 3 ----------------------------> new mods for 2009 <-----------------------------
NEW PICS PAGE 4 --------------------> PHOTOSHOOT WITH NISSAN GTR <---------------------
NEW PICS PAGE 4 --------------------> pics of new stickers and girlfriend <---------------------
NEW PICS PAGE 6 --------------------> ramdom pics and new valve cover <---------------------

hey hey everyone ! im from montreal ! and here my little ride !

got it the first of august 2007 at 30 000km
2005 premium vivid blue pearl

summer 2008 with

-eurolite yellow tinted high beams

-piaa Plasma Ion yellow DRL light bulb

DRL and H.I.D

I-VTEC badge

and finaly OCT 2008 car in for storage of the winter !
here my favorite pics of 08

let me know what you all think ! good or bad i dont mind in the end its all about our own personal preference !

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lol laughed as soon as i saw the first pic, great shots of the car man, looks really good too. nice job with the lights
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