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K20z1 Block
JE Pistons 86mm 10:1
Manley Turbo Tuff Rods
ARP Headstuds
OEM 86mm Headgasket
ACL Race rod bearings
Oem main and thrust bearings
Hybrid Racing Timing Chain tensioner
New oem timing chain

K20z1 Head
Supertech std Valves
Supertech Dual Valve Springs
Supertech Valve Seats
Supertech Ti Retainers
Supertech bronze valve guides
Multiangle Valve Job

Not much as of now.
Stage4 CC clutch
K-tuned race shifter
K-tuned race shifter cables

Turbo Setup
Full race twin scroll efr kit
Borg Warner EFR 8374 dbb Turbo
Tial 60mm Wastegates 
Tial Blow Off Valve if I use it...

Fuel System
Hybrid racing Fuel Rail
Walbro 255 Intank Pump
Integrated engineering 2.3L dual pump sump
Dual bosch 044 fuel pumps
8AN Feed
6AN Return
Deutsch works1000cc Injectors
HR Fuel Pressure Regulator
HR Fuel Pressure Gauge
Aeromotive inline fuel filter

wireworx stage 3 Engine Harness 
Shaved RBC Intake Manifold
Hybrid racing 70mm Throttle Body
Innovative 75A Motor Mounts
Hondata 4-Bar MAP Sensor
Hondata Boost Control Solenoid
K-Tuned Billet TPS
BWR oil sandwich Adapter
Electronic Power Steering
Relocated Fuse Box to pass air bag
Relocated Battery to hatch
Engine bay shaved and tucked by me
K-Tuned Pulley Kit

AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge
AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauge 
AEM Digital Boost Gauge
Steering Wheel
Steering Hub
Record seats

Suspension/Wheels & Tires
Buddy Club N+ Coilovers
new oem front control arm buahinga
17 x 9+30 rota torques

ASPEC Front Lip
ASPEC Rear Lip
ASPEC Sideskirts
Engine Bay welded, shaved, and tucked...All by me!

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nice build and puppy

06 TypeS
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Damn son.

Someone doesn't play.
No no.. sometimes I like to play. ;)

fawkkk!!!!! so sick mannee,

one thing in common, we have the same wheels
Thanks bro. Appreciate that coming from another badass build!

wow, serious shit goin on in here :thumbsup:
Thanks. Can't wait to get the engine in and see how it looks..

nice build and puppy
Thanks everyone! I have put ALOT of time into this build and appreciate all of the comments. Good or bad

Everything was done in the confines of my garage. :)

06 TypeS
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damn that is looking so awesome. I'm still dying in envy. You really stepped up that game son! :bow:
Thanks man.. Appreciate it.. wanted to come out with something exciting and new..only thing in pissed about is if you look i can't have the fuel gauge on my fuel rail Bc it will hit on the an fitting off the vc.. so pissed but just a small problem i guess. Just have to put it on the fpr...

Looks awesome man, love it :bow:

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So sick..

Only thing I don't feel is the position of the fittings from the catch can to vc.

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damn that is looking so awesome. I'm still dying in envy. You really stepped up that game son! :bow:
I love how I step up my game and only get two posts. Ahahahaha.. must not be good enough yet..
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