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N/A K-Pro Calibrations

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K-Pro(stock calibration), INJEN CAI (club RSX ed.)


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Is it best for me to run the k20a2 cai kal?

I only have a AEM V2 and Apexi WS2 Catback. Header was removed for soon-to-come Turbo.
Anyone have a kal for a stock k20z1 w/ injen CAI? Sorry if its been posted but i looked and didnt see anything
you can use the kal in kpro for that mods only until you get a proper tune
Double post is strong. Anyone with a calibration for AEM V2 + WS2 Catback?
Anyone have a kal for a stock k20z1 w/ injen CAI? Sorry if its been posted but i looked and didnt see anything

THe very first cal is set up for what u need..:vtec:
Looking for a cal for a

Aem v2
Rbc im
Kidd racing headers no cat
Apexi n1 cat back

Need one to get me going to get to a tunner thanks
need a map for k20z1

mods rbc injen CAI megan test pipe and greddy evo 2

also the speedometer take a while to get an acutal reading of vss i am using the base map for the 05-06 that came with the kpro.
looking for just a map to get my car running somewhat right before i go to the tuner

rbc im
plm race header
invidia q300 exhaust
3" intake
k tuned fuel rail w/ rdx 410cc injectors
hybrid racing 70mm tb
91-94 octane
Originally Posted by archull View Post

k20z1 AEM cai, DC race header, greddy evo exhaust
just street tuned

It ran hard, no knocks, still conservative.
I just removed my exhaust sold it so I could build a 3" exhaust and I am using the stock and it is killing me. I am ready to get the 3" and trying to install a RBC manifold.

i uploaded this tune. WOW! i have ZERO knock and the car pulls hard. im gonna use this cal when i get on the dyno next week.
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What cal is recommended for my setup? Im getting kpro very soon, wanna know what to upload first. My setup is k20A jdm motor, prc mani w/ r-crew p.i.m.p., aem v2, dc RH, 65 hks exhaust. Currently on a stock prb ecu :/
I am still only street tuned but if you what my calibration here it is:
Its was made for AEM cold air, DC Sports race header, Tanabe Super Racing Medalian exhaust.
Will this be ok on my K20a2... 02 RSX-S.

I have:

Tanabe SRM
I believe my header is aftermarket since its huge... Might not be.
By any chance anyone have a kal for 02 type s?
Stock header
Q300 exhaust
Skunk2 mani
Short ram with v stack

Looking for a kal for a 2006 RSX Type-S.

K20Z1 with SRI, RH, and Exhaust.
Etunez final revision tuned by Steve (bv1)

kpro version

K20a swap (DC5R)
6 speed manual

KPRO (prb)
Invidia Q300 70mm exhaust
DCRH (secondary o2 sensor delete)
Fujita CAI
Innovative 60a motor mounts
RBC intake manifold w/ karcepts tb spacer
OEM 310cc injectors
Hondata IMG
Ktuned fuel rail
Pulstar spark plugs
Fuel 94 Octane 10% E
Type: Race Map
elevation: 230ft (70m)

1/4 mile time
[email protected]
street tires
Luskville dragway home of the shittiest DR track in all of North America 100%


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how much whp with that setup?
how much whp with that setup?
I never actually been to a dyno before. I did a few edynos a couple years ago with this same tune and it was around 225 to 240whp and i forget tq? But if i were to guess I would think atliest 220whp. It is a great tune that has never caused me any problems. I also do not drive it to much under 6000kms per year. :thumbsup:
anyone have a tune for 05 k24a2 with rbc/h/3"E/ type r tb/CAI?? thanks!!
Anyone have a Kal for a 06z1 with aem v2 and greddy evo2 running 91 octane or just a basemap that I can use until I get a o2 sensor to start datalogging, I tried using the 06z1 cai Kal dyno tuned but it's not running very well with my car.
can someone help me help me with my datalog? Im new to this

2006 acura rsx type s, k20z1 with AEM V2, greddy evo2 exhaust, kpro, and now plm header
I did a 3rd gear wot and got all the knocks out, check A/F and didn't see anything that needed to be changed, seem like the car was running good but I'm new to this, I just installed a plm race header, now that I have the header installed after tuning should I use the itr cams toda header kal or just stick with my cal and do another 3rd gear wot and time again?
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