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like the title says..
this is for my 05 type s. after miss-shifting from 6th to 3rd(dont make fun! been driving manual for years but never had a 6th gear:dontknow: ), my car seems to be lacking a little power during vtec., i will also be doing a compression test.
ive done a valve lash befor a few times on a b18b so im comfortable with it.
i just need the clearences for the feeler gauge on the intake/exhaust cams.
and just to clarify what im already sure of, we start off with cylinder #1 at TDC, then rotate engine 90 degress then to cylinders 3, 4, 2(rotating 90 degress after each cylinder?)
ive searched crsx and yahoo/google but only have luck on the 02-04 years...nothing for the 05 k20z1 engine.
oh yeah and the engine seems to be idling smoothly and everything, i also checked my motor mounts and they look fine, my oil is also clean and full.
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