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So, I just got done changing out my instrument panel lights for BLUE, looks sweet, very bright, very blue, and it was super easy using Silver Conductive Epoxy with the right tools.
Only problem is I absolutely hate those flimsy needles Acura produced, I can't believe how breakable they are.
And I did break them. *Rolling Eyes*
If I ever do that again I'll try the fork trick.
Who the heck designs something like that?

Does anyone know where I can find solid 1 piece needles that will fit the RSX instrument panel?
And yes, I know I can get a used panel on eBay fairly cheap and take those needles, but I really don't want to use those needles again.
Cheap Crap.

Also, can anyone tell me what size that pin on the needle motor is? I know that thing is small as hell.

Thanks guys & gals.
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