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NEED HELP: Mugen Body Kit Installtion

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Hi, I just purchased a Mugen replica 4 pc bodykit and I need help with the installation. Can some send me a DIY guide on bodykit installation. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys.
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Body kits usually need to be trimmed/fitted
I just paid 1500CAD to have mine painted/installed
throw the 4 pc's in a dumpster. INSTALLED! wooooooooot.

in all seriousness, most likely need a body shop to do it for lots of $
Yeah its crazy. The guy told me 1500 was cheap it can be as high as 2-2.5
If they don't fit good
pics of the body kit? If it's a good replica, should be pretty straight forward to put on. Some screws and double sided tape does the job. You might have to mould it to your existing bumper if things don't work out.
Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to have it installed by a bodyshop. I rather have it installed by professionals than trying to play and fit with the damn thing. Pics to added soon i have it installed.... :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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