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Well, it seems that my car has turned against me. I have been installing the JRSC. Well, the injectors that I had were wrong, so I ordered some through CRSX. Well, they came in today, and I put them in, wire them up, and get ready to dump a program into my K-Pro. Well, I haven't used the K-Pro since it came in (Last week thursday) Well, I put it in, hook it up and start up the k-pro software. Well, the k-pro shows online, which means I have communication between the unit and my laptop. Well, here is where the problem begins. When I switch on the ignition, the K-pro doesn't recognise that the ignition is on, so I can not download any calibrations to the ecu. If anyone including Hondata can help me with some suggestions on this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

I already metered the black/yellow wire at the ECU to make sure it was getting it's 12V ignition source, and it was, so I am clueless now. I have been without my car for just over a week, and would love to get it back on the road.

Thanks to all and anyone who can help.

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