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I'm trying to get a -3.0 to -3.5 degree camber for the front wheels while maintaining almost zero toe (road race application).
Now For some reason I have not been able to get more then -.9 degree camber with toe set to zero or in the "safe" area.
I currently run the Ksport suspension and it has done fine by me, yet I need more negative camber.

At this point in time I may get their caster/camber pillowball mount and see what happens.

Now I'm also considering the ITR LCA, which I heard were a little longer then the type S (2002 rsx-s) but can not find anywhere that sells them.

I already cut my tie rods/end to allow more adjustment on my toe when cambered in but I would like to get more neg. camber.

I'm limited to what mods I CAN do in my class (TTC) and do not want to rack up points in my class and possible get bumped higher.

What are you guys using to increase your camber on your car.
Thanks for any info.

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I don't recormend going the ITR route as you need to change knuckle too. This is because 05-06 Type S and ITR uses larger ball joint. Also, the axel shaft are a tad longer than 02-04 Type S but people have tried using 02-04 and seems to work.

As far as camber, if you need that much camber then a combination of eccentric bolts and camber plates or KMac pillow ball to get to -3.0 degrees.

If this is a total track car, probably best to mod the top mount yourself to give around 2.0 degrees negative camber and a ton of caster to make up for the difference.
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