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Negative Camber and Tie Rod problem correction

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I have heard or read on many post about people that run out of Tie Rod but do not remember anyone trying to correct the problem themselves. I have finally arrived to this probem and as usual put my thinking cap on. Here is what I did.

I consulted with a mechanic and the changes will be safe. As long as I never go back to the stock suspension. If I do, the tie rods may possibly be too short. Which will happen if you buy shorter tie rod kit anyway.

The process:
1. Removed outer tie rod ends.
2. Cut out about 1/4" off the tie rod. leaving about an inch of thread left.
3. Cut the tie rod bar about 1/4"

By doing this I can now do:
3.5 degrees of neg camber.
0 toe
toe out
toe in

I used an angle grinder to cut the outer tie rods.
for the Tie rod bar I used a dremel tool and this very cool attachment you see on the pictures below. The cutting wheel is spring loaded and helps save the cutting wheelp from breaking when you move at an angle by mistake. The wheel cuts very fast and does not wear easily. Thumbs up for a great product. It may work on the tie rod ends too but I had already cut them when I bought this.

Please be very careful when using these power tools! If the wheel breaks it will be very dangerous. Do not do when kids are around looking or anyone. Wear safety.


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Got my alignment done and here are the current specs:

-3.5 camber
3.4 left Caster
3.0 right caster
0 toe

-2.4 Camber
0 Toe

I like more neg camber rear. Reason is that tire wear was always at the outer edge of the tire and slicks were wearing prematurely on the outer edge. Also, oversteer was not smooth.
By adding neg camber I regain high speed traction during turns, more predictable oversteer and even tire wear.

There are tons of setups. This is just my preference. Some like 0 camber on rear to add even more rotation but I believe they run street tire setup and less agreesive front camber and traction(tires)
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Cool. I had the same idea but I never tried it because I'm bad with power tools :p.

Glad to see how well it worked out for you. Thats a crapload of negative camber going on there. :D
wow how did you get -3.5 degrees of camber with just camber bolts?
I cut them.

I cut them and welded them back together with pin in the center.
Worked like a charm. You'd think I could remember how much I took off but I can't.
wow how did you get -3.5 degrees of camber with just camber bolts?
I did not say that. I achieved the camber by using the 4 bolts and Kmac camber - caster plates.

The perfomance is awesome. Just have to have the right tire pressure and tires to take advantage.
Nice! I wanted to do this but it isn't legal for STS/STX. Not like anyone could tell.
just remember to protest the orange RSX when you see it. :D
just remember to protest the orange RSX when you see it. :D
LOL. NO STX for me.
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