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new diy shift boot and knob

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sorry, first time posting pics. dont kno if its gonna work...
*crosses fingers*

and my sad looking dash...
i need a HU
anyone have a alpine cda-9884 for sale?
let me kno please..
thanks :)

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Boot looks good, but I can't say I like the knob. Seems out of place and really clashes with the titanium interior.
hmm. thanks for the opinion.
mabey i'll try something different!
Go go gadget vomit. IMO :vomit:
But as long as you like it over anything else, I say keep it. :thumbsup:
Not feeling the knob, but the shift boot looks good.
Just put on the B&M leather knob. By cutting the stock shifter lower tangs and sleeve out of the OEM knob, and trimming the B&M hard plastic bushing, the stock boot now snaps in place perfectly. Looks OEM but is nice leather. Just one of those little things Acura did not get right!
BTW, B&M uses hard bushings so it is as snug as OEM. Not like the Momo junk. I have made 5 sets of metal bushes for various friends when their rubber and setscrew junk fell out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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