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I was contacted to Opti-Coat Pro a new Infiniti J35. This car was just purchased 3 days prior. Even thought the owner asked for the car with the shipping plastics on, the dealership decided it would be a nice idea to "prep" the car for him. We decided that a 1 step polishing would be needed. For this I decided to use my Rupes LHR15, a Yellow Rupes pad, and some Sonax Perfect Finish. Then I would Opti-Coat the entire car.

The dealership was nice enough to leave wax residue in most of the seams and on the trim. I began with a nice wash using a boars hair brush to get the wax residue removed. The car was foamed with Dawn and Citrus Wash and Clear to remove the wax from the surface.

Also a nice etching. It appeared to be a bird bomb.

Hard water etching on the roof, which, after a call to a friend, he informed me that the dealership in question "never dries the roof".

Some deeper defects in the upper parts of the doors.

All corrected.

I decided to get up on my 3' platform and correct the roof. While not terrible it was etched and it needed to be removed before I would even consider applying Opti.

Hard to capture on camera the entire car had a hazy look to it. Also it had finer swirls throughout. Here you can see how it was coming along.

Bad bird dropping etch and it appears the dealership tried to remove this one. All it appears they did was create more damage to the paint.

For a 1 step polishing we were able to get great results. This area more time was spent on correcting the paint. Overall the correction rate was really great.

I decided to give it another bath the remove any polishing dust from the cracks and seams. I then went around and IPA'd the entire car. This was followed up with a complete application of Opti-Coat Pro. The gloss and depth of the paint were just amazing. The owner was quite happy "The car looks stunning and better than new. I can look at the car in the sun and not see all the swirls that the dealer installed." The final shots show a nice mirror finish. :)

As always thanks for looking Greg :)
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