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BUY MY SHIT! 04 S partout
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:ca: First off i would like to thank everyone on CRSX who either helped me out with parts or in turn help funded my mods

Been driving her since 05/28/2011

Im a poor college kid, slowly modding when i get extra cash, so compliments and criticism are both welcome BrokeCollegeStudent crew rep

Background: Bought 2 RSX-S and I combined them, upgrading certian parts along the way
Did all the work myself, gutted interior did a motor swap, transmission swap etc, Ive basically taken the entire car apart, every last bolt and nut, and rebuilt it twice, so i know where most things go and what parts of the car look like now without looking.

2004 Acura RSX Type-S NHBP

Current and Up-to-Date Mod List
JDM ITR Header and ITR Cat
ARC Induction Box (fully polished) :noes:
ARC Radiator Cap
Fujitsubo Rm-01A Exhuast Catback
JDM Type R Valve Cover (powdercoated purple to match the Volks)
JDM Type R Oil dipstick
Spoon Reservoir Covers
Cusco Front Strut Bar
Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover
K-Tuned Coil Pack Cover
Innovative Motor Mounts
Battery Relocation
Fuse Box Relocation
NRG Fender Washers
JDM Decals lols
Kill Switch and Relays
Clutch Masters Stage 2 race Clutch
Competition Clutch 8lb ultra light weight flywheel
Synchrotech Carbon Synchros 1-6

NHBP - Night Hawk Black Pearl
Max Racing Hood*
JDM Top Secret Front Bumper (custom converted to 05-06 only one in states, Show Bumper) **BIG THANKS TO "FANGER"**
Aspec Front Lip (Daily Bumper)
05-06 Front Conversion
05-06 Rear Conversion
JDM ITR Emblems
TL "Type-S" emblem
Yellow 3k HID Fogs
LS 460r (bixeneon) Retrofitted Headlights (CauQazn) by
LS460 Intergrated Turn Signals CCFL ring
D2S: Osram Xenarc 66240 bulbs 4.3k
Morimoto 55w ballast, relay and harness kit
Custom Winglets (Gex)
Password JDM Bumper Quick Releases
Mugen Sideskirts*
Mugen Rear Lip* (Carbon Fiber edition)
JDM ITR Window Visors
JDM Type R High Spoiler
Aspec Mini Decklid Spoiler
Window Tints (40% entire front windshield, 35% doors, 5% quarters, 15% hatch)
Matte Black Stripes (for shits n giggles

Raceland Coilovers (for now)
EM2 Front Sway Bar
Buddy Club Roll Center Adjusment Ball Joints
Cusco Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Cusco B Pillar Bars
Inverted Tie Rod Ends
Front and Rear Camber Kit

Volk TE37 (Custom Purple with blue flake Powdercoat)
17x9 +22/40
Burning Blue extended open end lugnuts muteki
wrapped in stretched 215/40/17 rubbers :thumbsdow

Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD
- Iphone/ipod connection
- Movies while driving bypass
Elemental Designs flush spare tire sub box
2 10" Clarion WF2510D Subwoofers
Crunch PZA1400.2 amp
Bose components (for now)

JDM DC5R Red Recaros
JDM ITR Red Floor Mats
JDM ITR Red Carpet
JDM Recaro Door Inserts
Cusco B Pillar Bars
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Mugen Pedals*
Strut King Dead Rest
TSX Shift Knob polished
Red Stitched Shift Boot
Sticker Bombed Wink Mirror
Carbon Fiber double din housing and left dashboard panel
Domo Stickerbombed A/C panels
Carbon Fiber Hatch Privacy Cover
Black Headliner and Sunshade
Black A pillars
V1 Valentine one radar hardwired and concealed (new version)
Viper Alarm
Battery in hatch w/ box
Fuse box in center console
LED Dome and Courtesy/Map lights
Domo Dolls
Pedobear Doll

PICTURE LINKS (just some of the main ones)​
Projector Warm up and night shots
Bronze Wheels
Girlfriend got me Fujitsubo RM-01a Exhaust and Type R header with cat.... also got a CAI from my bro... picked up a wink mirror, some BC lower ball joints and axles etc.
JDM ITR Carpet, Black Headliner and A pillar, New Benen Tow Hook, New headunit, K-Tuned Coil Pack Cover
ARC Induction Box and starting to polish
MAJOR UPDATE.... FULL 05-06 Conversion, Mugen, JDM ITR Wheels, full lip kit
Transmission swap PT. 1
Transmission swap PT. 2
ITR Window Visors and my why CF wrap doesnt mix well with beer
JDM emblems
Randomn car meets with the rsx guys
Mini Iphone 4 photoshoot
Cheapest rear wiper delete
Mugen Rear Lip light mod
G37 Retrofits by my boy CauQazn
Fall Import Alliance 2012 with GA RSX crew and picked up some new goodies
No Love 4 Atlanta Meet (NOS came by and sponsored me lololololo)
Fuse box relocation Pt. 1
Fuse box relocation Pt. 2
Fuse box relocation COMPLETE
Max Racing Hood :D thanks to AutoSource
NOPI 2012 and on the Drag Strip
Run in on the highway :( plus meet pics and Halloween models lol
Retro Krew
Coilovers, Cusco B pillar bar, Xmas spirit

Picture Time

Current Setup:


Current Project:
:dontknow: affordable Suggestions?

3 Most Recent Works
1) Valve Cover
2) Volks
3) Recaros

Current Projects
1) Turbo/Motor build


Volk, Recaro, Top Secret, ARC, Max Racing, Mugen
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