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New Member Central Texas Hi Y'all! 2002 RSX-S

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Greetings everyone!

Been lurking for awhile here soaking up all the knowledge you fine gentlemen and ladies bless us with, but finally figured I'd get off my ass and actually contribute.

2002 Acura RSX Type S Pearl White
164k miles
Stock k20a2, Stock 6 speed MT
Kpro v4
Injen Cold Air intake
RBC 70 mm port
Ktuned 70 mm throttle body
Megan Shorty Header
Invidia q300 exhaust
Koni Shocks/ Tein htech springs
SHG Rack Slider
Megan rear control arms
Front camber bolts
Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors/ Powerstop pads
Stock 16" wheels/ 205/45R/16 Firehawk Indy500 tires
Buddy Club short shifter / Hybrid Racing bushings

Last dyno: 216 HP, 153 lbft torque

Future goals:
Short term to max out power of stock engine n/a ~ 240 hp
Long term turbocharge ~ 400 hp
Start tracking (SCCA time trials or Autocross)

Next possible mods:
-Race header (skunk2 or ktuned) w/cat delete
-Bigger injectors (injector dynamics 1050x or RDX 410, I'm at about 83% load on stock injects right now)
-Upgrade Fuel Pump (Walbro 255 or DW400)
-Inverted tie rod/ends (so many options! Buddy Club RCA vs PCI tie rod kit vs ktuned kit)
-Upgraded Cams (TSX 08'Cams or DC 3.2, honestly my tuner said not worth it unless I go with bigger cams that require upgraded springs/seats)
-Wheels/Tires (RPF1 17x8 or Heliogram 17×8 /Tires undecided right now but at least 225 width)

That's all I have so far, recommendations and tips are welcomed.
Thank you for your time!
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Welcome to CRSX! Car is clean and simple! I like it!

As for tips or recommendations, I guess the thing that stuck out to me as I read was that you noted that you are wanting to go turbo eventually. With that being the case, does it make sense to pursue the 240hp N/A route? A full race header and cat delete would certainly add some oomph, but that's $500 (or more) for something that will eventually be taken off in favor of a turbo manifold. The injectors and fuel pump will be needed for going boosted, so that makes sense, but I guess I would question whether or not the header and cams are something you'd want to spend money on right now if your end goal is to be turbo'd?

Just something to think about. Let us know if you have any specific questions. Lots of good knowledge here.
Thanks for the welcome and recommendations! I do agree that it's more cost effective to forgo the headers and cams if I end up going turbo. I'm confident in the n/a build path, but still only have the basic knowledge regarding F/I (especially since I know a reliable turbo build will be around $3,000+). I love this platform so far, and can't wait to see what the car is capable of!
Is the dotted/solid line before & after tune?

How are you liking the q300 exhaust note?

Thoughts on the indy500 tires? I have those and they sometimes vibrate especially when cold around 80-85. Seem susceptible to flat spots but idk
Both lines are after tune, but the dotted is second to last dyno run and solid green is last run. My tuner and I were surprised it broke 200 hp especially considering the cat restriction.

Q300 has a great note compared to stock. It's slightly louder than stock but has a deeper tone (plus performance advantage of 70mm diameter!) The only negative I would give it is the fitment. It initially rubbed the body frame right under the passenger seat (which is a common complaint with this exhaust.) Like some owners here I had to make "adjustments" to make it fit (e.g. hammering the exhaust tunnel and installing extended exhaust hanger mounts at the cat). Even then it still rubs/vibrates occasionally at certain rpms.

Indy500s were on the car when I bought it, so it's not my choice of tire but it's been grippy once warmed up. I don't get any vibrations from mine (granted my whole cabin vibrates from esmm lol) and haven't noticed any flat spots. During the wet it's a little sketchy, but I try not to drive the car in the rain anyways.
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Damn, I was thinking about getting the Q300 as I had heard they fixed the clearance issues and I like how it looks.
I think it is still a great cat back and pretty much the only 70mm for the price that keeps the decibels neighbor friendly. I'm sure if I disconnect the whole exhaust system and realign I can get it to fit better.

You could go with a smaller diameter exhaust like the Invidia N1, which I don't believe have any fitment issues. Or if you have the monies, go with full spoon exhaust (which I think one of the best sounding exhaust for the RSX.)
What he said. Save your money on the standard race header/cams and spend it towards a turbo setup. You will shortly get bored with just 240hp.
Y'all too convincing me to go boosted lol. I think I'll heed your advice and just get the car prepped for turbo. Thanks!
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