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Back in 2006 I owed my last Honda (so I thought). It was an 06 civic si that I completely riced out and sold. Fast forward to 2015 and I got back on the race scene with a 94 Pontiac trans am that I still own. In the last year I started buying and selling cars and ran into this rsx type s on trade. The rsx has a k24a4 with spun rod. I found a k24a2 with transmission at salvage yard for $600. I hope I’m in the final stages to getting this car on the road and using it as my road race/ circuit car.

A little more info on where I am with the car.

I quickly realized that the tsx trans would not work, so I swapped the Internals into the rsx 6spd tranny. I am running a stock k24 for now but have many performance parts to include a Frankenstein engine and a k20a3. Also got in the mail the other day a tucked rywire harness, carbon fiber hood, throttle body adapter to use type s throttle on. Tsx intake mani, and a crap load of other stuff to get the job done right!
Looking forward to engaging with you guys and blowing doors off American and euro cars!

Find me and the rsx on Instagram at antzview360. Also check out the Facebook and YouTube page speed plus garage!


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