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2006 Base Auto Rsx
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Hello everyone, it’s LunaTheeRsx from Florida! I currently drive a 2012 Hyundai Elantra. I modded the car a lot (coilovers, full lip kit all around, wheels, retrofit headlights, etc) but have been returning it back to stock because I’m wanting a new car.
I am about to pickup a used 06 Rsx (base automatic on Monday (06/29). I believe I am getting a killer deal, but wish this one was a manual. It currently has 95k original miles on it with ONE owner. The car has been sitting for awhile, so the battery was dead when I met up with the guy. It started right up once we charged it. It runs great and only has ONE modification done to it (muffler delete with aftermarket tips). The exterior isn’t in the best shape, but the interior looks good for a 14 year old car. The car was driven to and from work by the wife so it didn’t get beat on at all. The car has 6 month old tires with good brake pads. New radiator fans and spark plugs. Can’t remember what else he said was replaced. Trunk look bad paint wise for some reason, and brake lights stay on due to wiring issue but a simple fix. One headlight is really cloudy while the other was just replaced (see pictures). The car has one small rust spot on the quarter panel near the rear of the trunk, but
I will sand it down and dab some rust protector on it for now. Overall I think this car is a steal for the price. 06 Base Auto Rsx with 95k original miles with original first owner and clean title for $2000.

Goals: I plan to make this car a really clean daily driver. No track time. 100% OEM refurbish for now. I am going to start off with all maintenance items for make sure it runs well before going for looks. So most likely full synthetic oil change, cabin filter change, transmission fluid change, brake fluid change, engine filter change. Gonna inspect items that are suspect to wear and tear. If you guys can give advice on that then that would be great. This is my “first” car I want to do everything myself besides stuff that requires heavy machinery of course (installing tires onto wheels, etc,)
Far future plans: Once I can get the car to look like a “brand new” factory car, I plan to add coilovers, wheels, and retrofit headlights. For a clean OEM+ look.


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