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I love this site, I use it all the time for reference and DIY projects. I never joined because I always find what I need by searching.

Anyway, been in the car game for a while lol. My first car was an 89 teg when I was 14, now im 30 and i'm still modding and swaping Hondas.

Just picked up a 2004 RSX-S in December.

Here the question I can't figure out. What happened to the AVID racing company? I just broke both my motor mounts practicing launching after installing some ESMMs. So i found a great deal on some basic AVID tuner series mounts. I know reviews are mixed but i couldnt pass up the deal. Im just trying to figure out what durameter the mounts i ordered are. They guy i bought them from doesnt know.

The part# is

Thanks for reading and the help
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