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What up everyone! I actually bought my 02 type-S almost a year ago and have been slowly building. Mostly just the basics so far but now im looking into building the head. Now i hear a k24 from a TSX is the way to go for more power.

Some info about my RSX
Injen short ram intake
Skunk 2 74" TB with Skunk 2 pro series intake manifold(somewhat ported lol)
Skunk 2 alpha headers with HKS catback
Mishimoto radiator with skunk 2 radiator hoses

Suspension wise ive done
Front and rear tower bars, JDM style sway bar in front to clear headers with hotchkis links and there might be more im forgetting.

I have a kseries timing chain tensioner with a new timing chain and innovative tranny mount i am going to put on when i build the head.

I also just got Kpro and could use some help with tuning if anyone can help me out.

Now my plan is to grab a head from a TSX, have it port and polished and put in all Skunk2 parts(stage 1 camshafts, springs and retainers, valves, cam gears, cam seals)

My questions are will i have to upgrade my clutch or anything else with this setup? Is there a certain year of TSX head i need to get or just anyone from the 04-08 years? And i also have 550cc injectors on order or should i go bigger?

Im in Utah, use 91 octane and this is my daily driver. Ill post pics in a bit of the car. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!
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