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New Race header/cat option....?

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Look what I found...I would think it would be a direct bolt on to our catbacks. A great solution for swapped cars and a way to keep smog legal. What do you guys think? Anybody ever hear of this mfr.?
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That looks great, it will not fit a ep3 mid pipe though with out a mod.
couldnt you use the header setup he has listed then go with and RSXs mid pipe?
i think that is a very good deal... and like musty said... you will either need to run a type s midpipe or you will need to have a shop cut your stock one 3" shorter...
dude i say go for and get an RSXs mid pipe......and if you dont well then i think i might just have to try it out
if there is enough demand then I can talk to them about an EP3 version
So you need this setup. Raceheaader/cat+RSX midpipe+your choice of catback for direct boltup? I thought this would bolt up to the cat back.
I'm buying that header. But I'm getting the version with out the cat and I'm just going to weld at $50 cat in. High flow cats don't last very long anyway, so i'm going to save some of the cash. Going to just buy a 05-06 RSX S mid pipe. Inside diameter is 2.1" which is enough for a bolt on EP. Glad this came along, its the same design as the JR RH but cheaper.
if there is enough demand then I can talk to them about an EP3 version
please do if so i will deff buy:thumbsup:
yeah interesting, anyone done it for sure yet?
so did you guys get it yet? update with your results...cuz i'm looking to get this setup too!!!
we have them in stock for anyone that is interested
if this header was a bolt on for the ep3, I would pick it up in a only concern is the flex joint....
I wish I knew more about Type-S parts on the ep3
it is a flexable tube that goes in the exhaust system so that you can allow the system to move.
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is it needed for this header/cat combo? does it make the car smell... also does it still give power or take away?
I highly recommend motor mounts with this header. The flex pipe doesn't have any effect on sound, performance or smell.
Unless you have solid motor mounts, your motor moves under load. Honda uses a flex joint at the joint between the shortie header and the cat on the ep3 and dc5. The dc5 has another flex joint right before the tail pipe. Any rh will require an upgrade in the motor mounts. Even so, many people have had the flex joints fail on the dc header. Since the BC header uses springs and slip joints for this flex, you just tend to get more and more blow by as the header gets older....any header that does not use some kind of flex joint will have a limited life span with any car without solid motor mounts. :(
so if i get this and want to the install, i'd also have to get the flex pipe as well as a type s mid pipe and cut off a lil off the tip? how big is the type s mid pipe? sorry for all these questions.
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