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Hi guys, im Mike, and i would like to start by saying if this is the wrong spot for this post i apologize. I have been reading these forums for a while now but am still terrible at navigating my way through them.

I have a "problem" and i would love the opinions of some people with more experience than me to help me make a decision.

I am currently trying to get into the hobby of project cars and modding etc. i have basic knowledge of mechanical workings and such but as far as actual road cars go i am very wet behind the ears "diesel mechanic in the military"

i have been looking for a car for the last 2 months or so that i could use a a semi project and daily driver. i finally stumbled across this and it seems like an amazing deal/place to start. i am scared however that if i bought this i would be way in over my head because i only know the basics.

i have been talking with the guy for a day or two now and he knows very little about the vehicle. (was gifted to him by a family member) and he just wants to sell it because he knows nothing about cars and wants the money.

basically my question is. would it even be safe or worth it to buy this car and see what needs to be done to it? or when i looked at it what would big go/no go things be. the fact that i dont know much about turbo set ups makes me paranoid that when i buy it from him it will blow up on me before i even get it home to start completing the project that someone else didnt finish. has no boost gauge, psi gauge, and he has no idea what psi its running at now.

i know im rambling and re reading this i sound like an idiot, but if you guys could give me some insight on how big of a mistake this could be or how it should be ok if i just put all the missing things it needs into it, i would be very appreciative. im sure i left out ALOT of info that you guys would need to be able to make an educated guess so please just ask and ill find out for you.

he is trying to sell it by the end of the weekend, and im trying to do the research myself too but im afraid im going to fall short in being able to make an educated decision myself... any info or opinions would help.

thanks in advance guys
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