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I'm new to the site so I'm not sure if I'm even doing this right but does anybody have any knowledge in about the EP3 type-R ECU going to USDM SI? I have a few questions for any ecu veterans that have possibly already done this. I looked through the site but still couldn't find it.

I have and 02 I bought with the CIL on. Got the codes read, and O'Reilly said a possible option to fix it would be to get a new ECU. I was thinking about getting a hondata reflash but the Hondata dealer said I need to fix the CIL? SOOooooo....... I was just thinking about buying a type-r ecu and kill two birds with one stone. He said it's and option but expensive. And i've seen one that was 75$ on ebay (probably a skam) and one used for 300$(37820-PRD-003 ECU). But that's the same as a Hondata Re-Flash.

I also read this and kept me hopful for this mod:

So my question is will the new Type-R ECU do anything to increase performance or mpg in the SI? Will I just have to end up Re-flashing that? And will it be doubly as awesome because it's a typeR ECU?!? Or would I not see any difference? Should I just try to fix the CIL and then buy the reflash? Lol I don't don't is there something else that's also an option?

I'm pretty confused when it comes to the ECU, can somebody help?:fistbump:
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