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Some odd advice out of the Mazda 6 manual:
Bird droppings can be removed with a soft
sponge and water. If you are traveling and
these are not available, a moistened tissue
may also take care of the problem. The
cleaned area should be waxed according
to the instructions in this section.
Insects and tree sap are best removed with
a soft sponge and water or a commercially
available chemical cleaner.

Another method is to cover the affected
area with dampened newspaper for one to
two hours. After removing the newspaper,
rinse off the loosened debris with water.
I have no idea what the benefit of soaking it in newspaper is. Any car care guru guesses? If anything it'd be one of those 'in a pinch' tricks....but letting it sit for an hour or two kind of nullifies that.

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Never heard of it, but if you are going to spray it with water, why bother soaking it with a wet newspaper? Just spray it!

Maybe they know something we don't :dontknow:

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wow im amazed that the Mazda manual would go into such detail about cleaning your car. thats pretty cool.. anyways i think the newspaper idea is to soak the dry bird poop in water so when u rinse, it comes right off without needing to scrub. Theres another thread somewhere here that says if you have trouble getting bugs off your bumper, to use a moist towel and drap over front bumper of car for a couple hours, then they rinse right off!
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